Whew. What ARE we going to do for the holidays in 2020? It’s been quite a year. What has always been — the way we knew our world — may never be again. We feel grief for this. Confusion. Groundless uncertainty. And yet, the resilience of the human spirit is arising in so many ways. This year, more people have learned to garden. Strangers wear masks to keep others safe. New technology to connect us when we must stand alone has been rapidly developed. And so, just like the bleak midwinter when we feel the loss of spring, we’re also watching the seeds of our new world sprout in unexpected ways. it.

So if the holidays are not going to be anything like they were before, how do you rewrite the script for yourself? By letting go of “what was,” lightening up on “what should have been,” and opening up to “what is”— joyously creating new traditions of your own, rooted in what you value most about the holidays: connection, laughter, family, friends, and food.

What could a new ritual be for this year to bring us together in these circumstances? Online board games with a chat option? Facetime Karaoke (luckily there are mute buttons)! Or creating the same recipe together over Zoom, embracing a new version of enjoying a meal together — each person getting to laugh with loved ones and enjoy rich, savoury holiday dishes, while keeping each other safe by staying in your own kitchen. (Scroll down for our recipe idea!)

Holiday happiness is going to need a bit of help this year. We’re going to need to nurture it, by allowing a seat at the table for grief and also serving a big helping of sustenance to the creation of new rituals. So let’s get creative. Let’s find other ways to be together, and to cook and eat together, being grateful we’re still here, in a time of technology where a loved one’s face is just a click of a button away. May we all find humor, happiness, and a sense of togetherness in the new holiday traditions we’ve created to celebrate those things we value, no matter what.