Frequently Asked Questions

What is vegan cheese?

Vegan cheese is similar to dairy cheese but is made without the use of any animal products. Vegetable-based ingredients such as tofu, potatoes, nuts, seeds and tapicoa are typically used instead. There are many different styles of vegan cheese and they can be used in any way you would use dairy cheese – let your imagination be your guide!

Can I melt Fauxmage?

Yes! Fauxmage is kind of like butter – solid at a cold temperature and then softens as it warms up. When you spoon it onto a warm dish, watch it melt right in!

Can your cheeses be frozen?

Feel free to freeze Fauxmage if you need to. We find after 3 months in the freezer, the flavor will be a bit less bold but still tasty!

What is the shelf life on your cheeses?

Most of our Fauxmage flavours will last for 7 weeks in the fridge (but it’s usually eaten before then anyway..). If you have a specialty flavour, you’ll find the best before date on the package. 

Where is Fauxmage made?

Fresh Start Fauxmage products are made at Bio Food Tech, a federally inspected kitchen  in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Can I order your vegan cheeses online?

Yes! We sell our vegan cheeses through 3rd party retailers. Check out the “Online” section of our “Locations” page!

Are your cheeses gluten free? Soy free?

Yes and yes! No gluten or soy here. 

Why do you have plastic packaging?

If you’ve been a Fauxmage fan for a while, you’ll be familiar with our original paper packaging. Despite its appearance , it was not compostable. The vast majority of paper food packaging (coffee cups, take-out containers) are coated with polyethylene  – a type of plastic. Otherwise, you couldn’t put food or beverages in them. They don’t break down. You also can’t re-use them or recycle them like you can with our new packaging.

In order for our company to grow and reach more people who love our products, we need packaging that suits our products and meets the regulations and restrictions for food products in distribution. As a small business, it’s difficult to find an alternative that is eco-friendly and affordable. But we are confident that in the near future there will be new options created that become available to businesses like ours.

This infographic compares our old and new packaging and gives a bit more detail about each.

What makes the taste of Fauxmage different from other vegan cheeses?

You may already be familiar with some brands of vegan cheeses that are readily available in supermarkets. Most of these cheeses are highly processed and have ingredients that are low in nutritional value.

With Fresh Start Fauxmage vegan cheeses, we prioritize the wholesomeness of our product. We don’t compromise on ingredients, manufacturing methods or quality; which is why those who try Fauxmage are delightfully surprised with its bold, fresh flavours and luxurious textures.

Where can I buy Fauxmage?

Have a look at or locations page! We are always expanding our store list so stay tuned into our social media for the most up to date info on where to buy your favorite vegan cheese. 

Do you sell Fauxmage in bulk sizes?

You betcha! Aside from our 180g containers, we also wholesale 1L tubs of Fauxmage in most of our flavours. Great for restaurants, cafes, hotels, & more! Interested in purchasing some for your business? Connect with us!

I'm interested in wholesale, how do I contact you?

We’d love to connect with you. Reach out here.

Proudly made in Prince Edward Island