OUR STORY – comfort food for a changing world

The idea of giving up dairy used to be unimaginable to those of us who grew up with the
amazing texture and taste of traditional cheese.

The sheer comfort factor of cheesy pizzas, sandwiches and pastas cannot be denied.
Enter – Fresh Start Fauxmage- premium dairy-free cheeses that don’t compromise on
taste and texture.

The world and its people are changing. Many are realizing that dairy is very difficult for
them to digest, and most consumers are interested in more sustainable food choices.
Consumers are also looking for adventure and innovation- Fresh Start Fauxmage offers
something for everyone.

Why not use an artisanal approach to give plant-based cheeses all the taste, texture, and
flavour integrity of dairy-based varieties? I believe there is nothing lost in this process,
and much to be gained.

I didn’t just want to make dairy alternatives, I wanted to make the best-tasting foods you
can buy, using the best quality ingredients.

We love interacting with our customers which is why we started out at the Farmer’s Market and are still there to this day. Watching peoples faces when they try our cheese for the first time is an incredibly rewarding experience.

In November 2019 we launched in multiple Atlantic Canadian Sobeys. We are in all maritime provinces and have recently expanded into the Ontario market. We are travelling westward and reaching more customers every year!

At Fresh Start Fauxmage, we take pride in providing our customers with a healthy and delicious alternative to dairy cheese products. Veganism is a rapidly growing lifestyle and has proven to be better for our bodies, the world and of course the animals. Our business values align with our personal values and we are committed to health, compassion and a sustainable future

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