the ‘fresh’ team

Julain Molnar | Founder & ‘La grande Fauxmage’

My name is Julain Molnar and after a 35 year career travelling and working as a professional actor and singer, I found myself living in beautiful Prince Edward Island in need of a Fresh Start.

I was discouraged with the unavailability of quality dairy free vegan cheese products on the market. I believed there was a way to bring a more healthy, wholesome and delicious dairy free cheese alternative to PEI, which was building an international reputation as “Canada’s Food Island”. Having been a plant-based eater for most of my life, I was excited to begin experimenting with different cashew cheese formulations. After a lot of trial and error and with the help of many supporters, I was able to develop our Fresh Start Fauxmage line of dairy free cheese products.

I’m very proud of the fabulous flavours and textures we’ve introduced and our customers love them as much as
we do.

Top Fauxmage Choice: “They’re all my children!  I can’t choose!”

Craig Fair | Chief Operations Officer/Production Manager

Craig is thrilled to be joining Julain Molnar and the Fresh Start Fauxmage Team!  Coming from a 30 year theatre background, he has made a switch in careers during this time in the world.  Spending time here on the island right now is truly a pleasure.  “I feel completely at home and the transition into this new line of work has been both fun and extremely educational.  I look forward to continuing this new line of work and very much look forward to bringing this exceptional product Julain has created to the masses!”  

Top Fauxmage Choice: Monk’s Cheddar and Creamy Herb

Hilary wood | Marketing & Administration Coordinator

Hilary made the transition from vegetarian to vegan in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Her passions have led her to volunteer with animal rehabilitation groups in Florida and Thailand, and she has even spent time as a galley cook with Sea Shepherd. She has her diploma in Holistic Nutrition and currently lives in Charlottetown with her partner Anthony and their chicken daughter, Maple. 

Top Fauxmage Choice: “Creamy Pesto!! But Chili Lime is a close second…”

Rebecca Parent | Assistant Production Manager

Charlottetown native Rebecca Parent is a professional theatre artist and professional snacker. Island audiences know her best for her six seasons at the Watermark Theatre, as well as her portrayal of the infamous read head herself in the musical Anne & Gilbert. She is the bilingual coordinator for social arts organization Sheatre, and is a co-founder of PEI’s Kitbag Theatre. When she’s not trying to change the world with theatre or scrubbing in for Fauxmage production, she likes to indulge her foodie side and make sassy cross stitches. 

Top Fauxmage Choice: “Chili Lime when cold, Monk’s Cheddar when warm!”

Proudly made in Prince Edward Island