You know that feeling of being in cozy socks and the sweater your Nana knit while enjoying yummy snacks and a cup of something delicious? The Scandinavian word for that sense of contentment is “hygge.” It describes the gentle feeling of goodness that wraps around us as Thanksgiving arrives. The leaves are dazzling in a magnificent goodbye, the wind is refreshing in its autumn cool, and we’re happy to cuddle up in the evenings with those we love — be it inperson, on-screen, or in spirit.

And so to prepare for winter’s nesting, we gather at farmers’ markets to partake of the bounty of the harvest — together. We laugh with others over warm apple cider, colourful vegetables, hearty soups, and rich, creamy spreads with seeds, salt, and smokiness. We crave what will warm us from the inside out, and here we can buy these foods right from the hands of those who lovingly created them in their kitchens or cornfields.

This Thanksgiving weekend, instead of talking politics and pandemics, let’s take a breath and feed the feeling of hygge instead. Let’s turn toward the sanctuary of our beautiful lives and get grateful for the grace we can still find within uncertainty. Let’s raise that cup of delicious to what is everlastingly right and true. May you eat well, laugh much, and have the coziest of socks to curl up in later tonight.

And for something savoury that’s rich with basil and garlic for your Thanksgiving feast, we offer

this recipe for Mushroom Wellington with Creamy Pesto Fauxmage.

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