Canada's Best Dairy-Free Cheese

Amazing dairy-free cheese for every meal and every body

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee on toast, sandwiches, salads, and as spreads. I love thee in pasta, dips, pizza and squares. I love each spoonful and each moment, thank you Fauxmage."

-Andrea, P.E.I

"I'm addicted to using Monk's Cheddar Style in my grilled cheese. Tonight I'm using the baked Feta for a greek inspired meal. so good. Dairy is out - fauxmage is in!"

-Chef Trisha, P. E.I

"Fresh Start Fauxmage is hands down the best. All of their flavours are delicious and creamy. My favorite thing about Fauxmage is its versatility. Perfect for cooking and for snacking!"

-Brittany, Ontario

"Fauxmage is by far the BEST vegan cheese i've ever tasted! I love the fact that it's made locally using the most delicious and healthy ingredients. I've tried pretty much every vegan cheese out there and nothing compares to fauxmage!"

-Kimberley, New Brunswick


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Cholesterol Free

Our customers tell us that our dairy-free cheese is in a class of its own…

and Sobey’s has made it official.

We were so honoured to win their 2019 “Local Innovation Award”

Meet our fauxmage



Fresh dill & chives with a hint of garlic 

“The creamy herb is every bit as smooth and tasty as it’s dairy counterpart”

Marion M.

Chili lime

 Fermented chili paste & fresh cilantro with garlic & lime

“Chili Lime with tortilla chips is my GO TO snack!!”

Steph PB.


Almond-based with a mix of olive oil, lemon & garlic 

“The baked feta is better then dairy feta”

Marion M.

Creamy Pesto

Fresh basil, lemon & garlic

“The Pesto flavour is amazing in pasta- it melts and create such a creamy texture!”

Stephanie G.

Monk’s Cheddar Style

Spanish smoked paprika

“YOU MUST TRY THIS!!!! Not vegan or dairy sensitive and I love it. Especially the monks cheddar.”

Trisha V.

Everything Bagel Style

Creamy base with deli spices

“I tasted the Everything Bagel for the first time this weekend and oh my goodness… absolute heaven!”

Mhiran F.

You can now find our Fauxmage and other fresh local food at FreshSpoke

” Our local food marketplace is on the cutting edge of an economic revolution known as the ‘sharing economy’, making it possible for us to get what we need from each other instead of large food enterprises and for revenue to flow through the local ecosystem, directly to the wallets of farmers and other producers. “

You can now also find our Fauxmage at a Healthy planet near you (ontario)!

“At Healthy Planet, health and wellness is our passion, and we want to share that passion with you by providing with the highest quality vitamins, supplements and remedies for all your lifestyle needs. “


“I’m breastfeeding my second baby who has a milk protein allergy, and I have tried every dairy alternative out there. This stuff is hands down the very best I’ve ever had.”

Mary-Ann MacSwain

“Awesome vegan cheeses! Scrumptious for even those folks who eat dairy products. I highly recommend trying this non-dairy cheese, made with love and care. Yum!”

Julie Jumps

“I have tried a lot of fauxmage in Montreal and I can tell this is one of the best I ever had. Great job, top quality!”

Nicolas Valente

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